It was just like yesterday when he first introduce himself as Kang Gary who lives in Jamsil.

I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I know that he has wanted to leave since the last few months but to me it looks like the staffs and other members manage to convince him to stay. I do realize that in the”I’m Sorry, I Love You” episode, his confession on how being a member affected his performance in music was sincere and true. I know that he has been expressing his discomfort on the fact that being a star in variety show somehow means he sometimes has to cover his true self to preserve his image. I know, I know it all.

I know that no matter how successful he is as Running Man member, he is still a musician. He is a musician far before 11 July 2010, and he will always be musician for the rest of his time. I wholeheartedly am willing to wish him all the best for his future undertakings in music. I genuinely am willing to continue supporting him both as Kang Gary and Leessang rapper.

But I’m dying inside.

My Monday will never be the same anymore (in Korea it’s broadcasted on Sunday but I can only watch it the day after upon availability of English subtitle). There will be no Peaceful Gary, Calm Gary, Squid Gary, Random Mr. Capable, Unexpected Commander…

And there will be no Monday Couple anymore.

Now I am completely wrecked. Been crying for the whole night and it’s still hard for me to believe.