Exactly how many times did I hear him ask that question to Song Ji Hyo? I can’t recall, but I can vividly remember his comical face every time he pops that question up. I know Monday Couple is long gone, but for the past few episodes I can still see them as Gary & Ji Hyo. If he leaves, then what do I have? What do all Monday Couple shippers have? All of us know that both Kang Gary and Leessang are not the type of musicians who promote their music in TV shows, let alone variety shows. Since I’m thousands kilometers away, then what do I have? What do all Kang Gary and Leessang fans have?

I can never forget the day when he said during his appearance in Healing Camp, that he was trying so hard to control his feeling and emotion toward Song Ji Hyo for the sake of Running Man. I know that if they are officially dating it will more or less impact the show. I also know that he once said that upon being a star in variety show, sometimes he had to “not being himself”. I know that he is one of the most honest persons in the world, and it must be so hard for him to not being able to express himself the way he wants to – like those appear in his lyrics.

So here I am, denying the fact that maybe there is really nothing between him and Song Ji Hyo. Or the possibility that maybe there was something but it’s now over. Here I am, choosing to deny the fact that for once, Song Ji Hyo said that if Monday Couple became official, then one of them must leave the show if they broke up.

I still can’t fathom this all. I keep on re-watching old episodes. Those episodes when he wanted to leave the show due to Super 7 incident but eventually came back. He said it wouldn’t happen anymore. That episode when he broke the key lock with 7012 code. That episode when he shouted 7 Running Man members forever. Deep down I know this time it’s for real, but I can’t accept that. I just can’t. I can’t help myself from imagining that on his last episode he will go public with Song Ji Hyo. That being a star in variety show for 6 years has made him realize that appearing on TV shows promoting his music does not hurt.

I know that this is all merely imagination.

But maybe, just maybe.