We all know that Gary is a free spirit. He is humble and pure. He doesn’t act, he doesn’t betray. He is loyal and true. He is one of the most honest person we’ve known. His true self might not be what we expect him to be. Maybe without we know it, we have been putting too much burden on his shoulder. We’ve been burdening him with our expectation. Maybe it’s because of us, he can’t be his true self.. and finally he decided to leave.

Is it really, could it be because of us? He’s the one who’s always been honest, but we expect him to be someone he’s not. I know that we are hard core MC shippers. I know that we’ve been finding hints.. But could it be too much for him? He’s a good person. And he loves us as his fans. Do you think maybe he’s been holding back for so long to entertain us? To ensure that we are happy with his performance?

Maybe it’s all our faults that he leaves. It could really be because of us.

If that is true, then what kind of fans are we???