I am angry at Gary; why does he have to be so great and lovable for 6 years and then suddenly leave like this? Why does he have to be so loving to Ji Hyo, why does he have to maintain Monday Couple on screen, and then eventually end it? Why does he have to release high quality albums and singles during his time in Running Man, and then suddenly decide to leave under the reason that he wants to focus and study on music?

I am angry at Ji Hyo; why does she have to be so cold to Gary? Why does she have to say Monday Couple is over and fans need to keep it as memory during her press conference for the new drama? Why can’t she understand that 6 years is so damn long, and it’s not just a memory for us? Why does she act as if nothing ever happened between him and Gary? Why does she have to make us hope so high and then throw us to the ground?

I am angry at Yoo Jae Seok; why can’t he make Gary stay? Why can’t he talk through this with Gary, when he is deemed the father of the pack? Why can’t he make Gary come back just like the last time?

I am angry at the members; why can’t they remain 7012???