So here I am, a few hours after his last episode was aired. I have not slept at all, nor have I watched that episode. I just can’t.  The pain is just too much. His last episode was all over instagram, I have been trying hard not to see. But. Still.

So this is really the end. I have not seen any news on anything about MC confession during that last episode. So this is really the end. Maybe they really do not talk outside RM and KD Pharm CF filming.  Maybe this is all just my imagination; stupidity over reality. If this is this depressing, then I guess I just need to stop watching any variety shows with love line involved. Hahahahahahahaha I thought MC was more than just a love line. I thought he was more than just Monday Boyfriend.

This is suffocating. Hundreds episodes, each is stabbing me right in my heart deeper. I don’t know when I can start watching again; maybe this is really the end.

Bye 7012.

11 July 2010 and 6 November 2016 turn out to be the hardest days of my life.